FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. — The continuation of a levy spanning nearly 50 years is in the hands of Fayette County voters.

While the general election will be held on January 20, early voting began January 5 at Fayetteville’s Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building. The $9.5 million levy will go toward student instruction materials, transportation, salary supplements and the child nutrition program.

Fayette County Schools Superintendent Terry George spoke to MetroNews affiliate WJLS in Beckley saying he is confident about the community’s support of the levy continuation.

“The one thing that I’m really proud of what I’ve found here in Fayette County is the long-standing support that the citizens have provided to the school system. To assist with student academic issues, student support issues and also to take care of the staff so that they keep highly qualified individuals here in the county.”

One of the largest components of the levy will go toward continual funding for Fayette County’s child nutrition program. Terry said that all students in the county pre-k through 12th grade receive free breakfast and lunch everyday.

“If the levy would not be successfully continued, we would have to seriously look at our child nutrition program. The levy supports the child nutrition program here in Fayette County.”

Following nutrition comes technology which Associate Superintendent Gary Hough added is another top priority for the school system. He wants to keep the learning experience as up-to-date as possible, using 21st century tools when possible.

“We’re doing a lot with out STEM and STEAM programs. We want to implement them more and that is a source of financial support to put the latest technology in front of our students.”

Both Hough and George said they have continually addressed resident concerns over the continuation.

“One thing we’ve tried to stress through this whole process is that there will not be an increase in taxes,” said George. “Community members, citizens in Fayette County will not pay anymore or any additional tax if this levy is continued and renewed. Everything stays the same.”

The general election will be held on Saturday, January 20 from 6:30 am until 7:30 pm.

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