WELCH, W.Va. — State Police say it will take a while to learn the cause of death of a combative inmate in a holding facility in the McDowell County seat of Welch.

Marc Graham, 47, died following an altercation inside the McDowell County Holding Facility last Friday. Graham had originally been arrested on charges of night time burglary on January 23. He posted bond and was free when he was arrested again on January 25 on charges of obstruction. Once in the lockup, on January 26, he got into a fight with several inmates sharing the holding cell with him.

“We received statements from the inmates in the housing unit and the staff indicating there was something odd about his actions,” said State Police Sgt. R.A. Daniel. “Whether it be chemical dependency or drugs, initial findings of the autopsy have not revealed what the cause of death was.”

Although there is a strong suspicion Graham was under the influence of something, Daniel indicated so far the autopsy results haven’t proven their theory. However, they have been able to rule out excessive force by jail personnel

“It was stated there was no major trauma or anything. There wasn’t a broken neck or any major physical injuries from fighting with the staff,” said Daniel. “The information we have from the statements and videos it doesn’t appear there was any excessive use of force or anything of that nature.”

Until those toxicology tests are completed, the investigation is at a standstill.

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