WILLOW ISLAND, W.Va. — FirstEnergy’s subsidiaries involved in the transfer of the Pleasants Power Station are reviewing the conditions issued by the Public Service Commission of West Virginia.

PSC issued an order on Jan. 26, approving the transfer of the Pleasants Power Station from Allegheny Energy Supply to Mon Power contingent upon agreement to conditions contained in the order.

“We got conditional approval from the state regulators. We already got denied by FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, a few weeks back,” FirstEnergy Spokesman Todd Meyers told MetroNews affiliate WAJR. “You have to have both approvals, so all we’re doing right now is just taking a look at the order that the state gave us and just trying to understand it. It’s conditional also, so we have to understand the complicated conditions that go with that.”

According to a news release issued by the PSC on Friday, the conditions include requiring limitations on the costs to customers, limitations on the recovery of closing costs if the plant is retired early and protecting against costs related to prior operations of the plant or problems with the McElroy’s Run Impoundment and Dam.

Meyers said that FirstEnergy is continuing to thoroughly review the conditions and decide a course of action.

“And there’s two parties in this. AES, Allegheny Energy Supply as the seller, they would have to agree to the conditions and MonPower would as well,” Meyers said. “Even if all that came together, we still don’t have approval in the federal arena.”

The time for filing a Motion for Reconsideration with FERC has not yet expired.

While this has been a complicated endeavor, Meyers said it’s still believed to be a benefit for FirstEnergy’s customers.

“We believe the proposed Pleasants transaction offers benefits to our West Virginia customers, including reliable electricity and reduced electric rates, along with creating additional benefits for West Virginia’s economy,” he said.