WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — Optimism was in the air Wednesday at Worldwide Equipment, Inc. as U.S. Vice President Mike Pence took the stage.

Accompanying him was Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and Senator Shelley Moore Capito. Before Pence took the stage, Worldwide Equipment CEO Terry Dotson made a highly anticipated announcement. The business specializes in truck parts and sales.

The company’s roughly 1,100 employees across their 20 locations have received bonuses, a dealership will be constructed in Charleston, SC and upgrades are coming to their existing facilities.

Dotson is confident these accomplishments are a result of the recently-passed tax reform plan.

“This administration’s policies and actions show that they believe in American business and actually want American business to grow and be successful. “The new tax reforms that President Trump and Vice President Pence and our great leaders in congress recently passed have provided the tools that companies like Worldwide need to grow our team and reward our business.”

Dotson also applauded the Trump administration’s recall on several clean air regulations. Pence assured the crowd coal country won’t be forgotten under this administration.

“We’ve been unleashing American energy. This president approved the Keystone and Dakota Pipelines, he’s repealed the so-called clean power plan and under President Donald Trump…the war on coal is over.”

Pence also took a moment to reflect on the recent hardship of the summer 2016 floods. He said West Virginians set an example for the nation of how to face adversity.

“In the darkest hours the light of the American spirit shines most bright. People of West Virginia inspire the the nation with your courage, and your resilience, and your kindness and your faith.”

At one point, Pence praised Senator Capito for her approval of the tax reform plan while criticizing Senator Joe Manchin. “Vote no Joe”, as the vice-president phrased it, was also the subject of a couple of Tweets following the speech.

Senator Manchin responded via Twitter shortly after:

Rainelle Mayor Andrea Pendleton was invited by Senator Capito to attend Wednesday’s speech. She said it, along with Trump’s State of the Union address the previous night in the nation’s capitol, connected with her.

“The improvements, the positivity, the building-up of our communities, of our town and of our state. I’m Rainelle, West Virginia, I’m the most hard-hit in the 2016 and trying to rebuild, bring jobs to town. Anything that has the positive attitude. I loved every bit of it.”

From Worldwide Equipment, Pence went to The Greenbrier Resort for a dinner at the start of the Republican Congressional Retreat.

President Trump is expected to arrive at The Greenbrier tomorrow to speak at that retreat as well.

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