FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. — A former Valley High School football coach and teacher was sentenced Monday in Fayette County Circuit Court on drug distribution charges.

Larry McCommack II, 38 of Boomer, pleaded guilty in December to two felony charges of delivery of a controlled substance. He admitted to selling Subutex, a drug developed for opiate addiction treatment, twice last February. He also sold the drugs to a confidential informant in December.


Larry McCommack II, 38 of Boomer.

In Monday’s sentencing, McCommack said he has changed since the events of 2017 and hoped Judge Paul Blake Jr. would give him a second chance.

“The months since (my) arrest have been a very humbling experience for me. I have a lot of good left to give, your honor. I’m worth another chance.”

McCommack’s attorney, Christopher Moorehead, backed his client’s comments saying he has made all of the proper inquiries, asked the right questions and has made multiple attempts to get into rehab.

Moorehead added the events described in the criminal charges were when McCommack was at the “lowest point he’s ever been”.

Fayette County Assistant Prosecutor Elizabeth Campbell dismissed these comments, saying McCommack has been a part of the drug epidemic negatively impacting the community.

“This individual was dealing drugs and perpetuating a problem in this county.”

Judge Blake criticized McCommack’s behavior since admitting guilt in December, saying this wouldn’t help him during sentencing. He mentioned McCommack was disorderly and lied to his probation officer.

“It’s sad, Mr. McCommack, the misery and heartache that you have caused your family,” Judge Blake said.

McCommack was sentenced to 60 months of probation, 120 hours of community service, rehabilitation and must return to court for assessment following his probation. Judge Blake added that if he were to violate any parts of his sentence he would be arrested and incarcerated.

McCommack is also prohibited from being in the towns of Smithers and Montgomery, where the drug transactions occurred.

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