CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Nutrition experts spent time Tuesday at the state capital visiting with lawmakers and offering better choices for a health lifestyle. Tuesday was “Eat Healthy” day at the Capitol.

Cathy Shaw, with the West Virginia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggested paying careful attention to the label of anything you consume to know what you’re eating.

“Labels can sometimes be misleading, so you need to know how to decipher,” she explained. “The Federal Government does put implications on the nutrition labels that have to be there.”

But Shaw’s bigger suggestion was to eat products which don’t necessarily need a nutrition label like fruits, whole grains, and fresh vegetables. It’s the biggest obstacle to healthy eating.

“Especially in the state of West Virginia we know most of our folks get very few fruits and vegetables on a daily basis,” she explained. “Our average intake is less than one serving a day for both of those. One of the first things I talk to people about is making half your plate fruits and vegetables.”

The group also used their time at the capital to encourage daily exercise along with good diet choices to improve health. West Virginia is one of the most unhealthy states, often ranking near the bottom in most health categories. Shaw and her group hope to make strides to reverse the downward trend.

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