CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Almost all of West Virginia is looking at substantial rainfall in the days ahead. A system is moving into the state which will start tonight–but ramp up to a different level Thursday evening.

“Definitely a rainy period,” said National Weather Service Meteorologist Mike Kistner. “Total in the next seven days could be anywhere in the three to six inch range.”

The rainfall will come in waves according to Kistner. The first showers will be moderate compared to rainfall arriving Thursday in a first wave that threatens most of the central and northern counties of West Virginia with the potential for flooding. Additional rain coming during the weekend and next week will cause a widespread chance for floods almost anywhere in the state.

“There’s still a lot of uncertainty as we head into the long range forecast, but the potential is certainly there for heavy rainfall this weekend and next week,” he explained. “I’d say pretty much area wide needs to be paying attention.”

All of the rain comes only days after a round of rain last weekend pushed streams out of their banks and left the ground saturated. Any additional rain will not be absorbed and will be running off according to Kistner. Emergency officials in some southern counties believe the rain last weekend stopped just in the nick of time, but the remaining runoff isn’t making the situation headed into this weekend any better.

“Very little sunshine, it’s overcast all across the state so there’s not going to be any drying before this heavy rain moves in here,” KistnerĀ  said.

Temperatures will be unseasonably warm in the 50’s, 60’s, and maybe even the 70’s.

“Saturday morning we’ll have a cool down, but it will warm right back up as the next rain system comes in during the day,” Kistner explained. “After that, we’re looking at very warm conditions probably all the way to the end of next week….it looks like the groundhog may have been wrong this year.”


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