CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Kanawha County Schools has launched a tip line that students, parents and educators can use to report crimes.

The tip line will serve as a central location for the reports. Submissions will go straight to the Kanawha County Safety & Security Office.

Keith Vititoe, executive director of Safety & Security at KCS, said people can report information through an online form on the KCS web page or Facebook.

“We’re looking for any information that might be related to a crime. It might be a threat to a school, it could be suspicious activity, I’m sure that were will be some bullying reported,” Vititoe said. “We want to look into all those things. This tip line just gives us a more efficient way to do that.”

KCS has also provided an option for people to remain anonymous.

The school district plans to work with police to investigate each crime.

“Each and every one of those tips will be investigated. We, along with local law enforcement, our administrators, our staff will be looking into each one of these to make sure it’s resolved,” Vititoe said.

School safety remains a top priority, especially after recent mass shootings. Vititoe said their job is to keep students and school employees safe. He said if they can prevent something from happening, they will do that.

“We hope that it will help us in being better at being able to protect our schools and look out for our communities,” he said.