INSTITUTE, W.Va. — The job hunt is on at West Virginia State University.

Students and community members attended the university’s annual Career & Employment Expo Wednesday on the Institute campus.

Recruiters from more than 50 businesses representing career fields including government, finance, human services, law enforcement, communications, technology, sales/marketing, retail/merchandising, operations and health care were all on hand. Applicants for full-time, part-time and internship positions are being sought.

Ana Karen Gatica, a graduate student from Mexico, is getting ready to complete her master’s program next month. She said she’s looking for a full-time job in administration.

“I’m looking for a position in the public sector in some kind of customer service provision, so I came here to see what my options were,” she said.

The job fair allows students to interact one-on-one with employers. Gatica said that helps with her busy schedule.

“For me, since I’ve been busy with school, I can’t really have the time right now to look at applications online. Having the opportunity to speak with the recruiters right here because I’m a student — I come here every day — that was pretty good,” she said.

Jacob Day, a senior business adminstration/marketing student, won’t graduate until December, but he said he wants to hit the ground running this summer.

He admits job hunting is stressful.

“A lot has been going through my head especially when I’m home and chilling — the possibility of getting something, the possibility of not getting something. It’s scary,” he said.

Day said he’s already talked to several employers outside of Wednesday’s job fair. He’s hoping to establish a connection this summer.

“I’m really hoping to just get my feet wet in the marketing field, getting out there and getting something done,” he said. “After I graduate, I’m hoping that whatever I can land today will turn into an actual career and just go forward from there.”