CHARLESTON, W.Va. — It doesn’t appear police have a whole lot to help in their investigation of a violent home invasion that happened Sunday morning on Charleston’s West Side.

Charleston Police Chief Steve Cooper

Police Chief Steve Cooper said on 580 Live on 580 WCHS Radio Monday morning that the woman who was attacked didn’t get a real good look at her attacker.

“She said he was a grungy, straggly white male with a grey and black jacket, possibly a hoodie,”
Cooper said. “We’ve been working on it since it happened trying to get a lead.”

The attack happened at mid-morning in a house in the 700 block of Park Avenue. The man used a crowbar to get into the house, Cooper said.

“When confronted with the victim he began striking her with the crowbar including hitting her in the head and face with the crowbar, broke a bone in her arm, she was trying to defend herself. He stole a loaded firearm from the house,” Cooper said.

Cooper, who knows the victim, said she was in pretty good spirits when he visited her in the hospital Sunday.

“I’m sure she’s in some pain. She’s really bruised up, swollen, things like that but her condition is stable, she’s okay,” Cooper said.

Police believe the man may have been hanging out in the area before the crime.

Cooper said the department has been using community policing efforts on the West Side in recent years and for the most part it’s been a positive.

“It’s done a lot of good in solving crimes and crime suppression. There’s a good bit of trust between the police and the community. It’s not perfect by any means but we’ve built some strong relationships,” Cooper said.

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