CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — It’s time to put egos aside and work as a North Central West Virginia region, so says Harrison County Commission Democratic candidate Patsy Trecost.

Trecost, who defeated incumbent Bernie Fazzini in Tuesday’s primary, will run unopposed on the county ballot this November and already has plans for bridging the gap between counties.

“I think we have to stop worrying about who gets the credit and start doing things together to make this region grow,” Trecost said Thursday on WAJR’s Morgantown AM.

A lifelong resident of Harrison County, Trecost acknowledges one of the major issues he would face as a Commissioner would be building infrastructure for the county’s residents.

“We can do great things with water, we can do great things with sewer, and if you bring that infrastructure together with roads, it creates so much opportunity, whether it’s jobs or housing or even higher education,” he said. “The potential is unlimited for us to combine our resources right here, and make good things happen for all of our citizens.”

Communication is another struggle that many citizens of Harrison County face in their day to day lives, Trecost said.

“We have a desperate need for higher quality internet in our area because we want our children to be able to work on their educational projects at home and continue to grow in their education so that they can prosper,” he said. “It’s all tied together, and we can do it together better.”

Despite the challenges, though, Trecost said there’s also opportunity for tremendous growth — whether with the airports or in the oil and gas industry — beyond Harrison County’s lines.

“The gap between Monongalia County and Marion County keeps shrinking, and (the gap between) Marion County and Harrison County keeps shrinking, and we keep growing toward each other,” he said. “If we don’t work together, we’re really not living up to our full potential.”

The hope of tapping into that potential is what inspired Trecost to run for Harrison County Commission.

“I just wanted to be a part of the county and be a small part of its growth,” he said. “We live in a great region here in North Central West Virginia, and there’s unlimited potential. It’ll be a lot of fun to be a little bit a part of it.”

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