KENNA, W.Va. — Jackson County Sheriff Tony Boggs joked Tuesday morning a three-year-old boy who had been found after he’d been missing for about 15 hours looked like he had a better night than the sheriff had.


Makilynn Berry, 3, was found safe Tuesday morning.

“Truthfully, in my opinion, he seems happy and healthy and glad to see somebody,” Boggs said.

Boggs and others were breathing a big sigh of relief after Makilynn Berry was found about three miles from his home near Kenna. He went missing at about 7:15 Monday night in area between Bonny Knob Lane and state Route 21.

“One of our local businessmen and his wife and famiily were out on ATVs (searching) and actually came across him, still out in the woods, off of a meadow, about two or three miles from where our search was,” Boggs said.

It brought to an end an intense all-night search with several dozen volunteers from several counties. Boggs called it one of the best efforts of cooperation that he’s ever seen. He said they were all relieved the boy was found after a night in the woods.

Boggs admitted a three-year-old being missing for 15 hours was approaching a time when usually it doesn’t turn out positive.

The little boy wandered away with a dog. Boggs said anyone that’s been a parent knows how quickly kids can slip off.

“I think it was truly one of those moments that we’ve all been capable of having. You turn you’re head and ‘uh-oh.’ I believe it appears that’s what this was,” Boggs said.

The dog was located along Interstate 77.

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