MILL CREEK, W.Va. — Students arriving at Tygarts Valley High School in Randolph County this morning were greeted by a heavy police presence. State Police along with county and local authorities were there as buses arrived following a threat on social media noticed by school administrators.

“It came out Snapchat and then hit Facebook,” said Randolph County School Superintendent Gabe Devono. “There was a person who was going to come in and bring and gun and have an incident of shooting people at Tygarts Valley.”

Investigators were able to quickly locate the individual and detain him. He reportedly admitted to the allegations.

“He finally admitted that’s what he did,” said Devono. “From my understanding they’re still talking to him and he hasn’t given any reason whatsoever.”

Authorities didn’t indicate if the young man was armed. He’s now being questioned and disciplinary proceedings are moving forward. Authorities are also examining whether the teen will face criminal charges as well.

“We’ve got to take every threat like this serious and we do here in Randolph County,” said Devono.

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