BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. — Baseball coach Robert Shields has played a critical role in part of the long term athletic success at Bridgeport High School.

After leading the Indians to a fifth straight Class AA title earlier this month, Bridgeport won both the girls and boys Class AA MVB Bank Champions Cup, honoring overall academic and athletic success.

“It’s been a mindset (without our players) throughout all of the leagues,” Shields said. “From when they start, through, Little League and work their way up. They’re very competitive. Their parents give them the opportunity to have the type of hitting instructions and offseason preparation that makes them better.”

The streak of five straight baseball titles for Bridgeport is an unprecedented achievement in all three classes.

“With success, it breeds into the next class – ‘we don’t want to be that one (that loses),'” Shields continued. “And when you have the schedule that we play, you can’t have any letdowns. They have to go out there and perform and we have played a very tough AA schedule – it prepares us.”

Shields’ program over the last three seasons has been rated No. 1 in Class AA in the MetroNews baseball poll every week, going back to March of 2016.

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