WASHINGTON, D.C. — West Virginia First District Congressman David McKinley predicts there will be another, slimmed down version, of an immigration bill for the U.S. House to consider when it returns to Capitol Hill from its summer break.

“It will be very tight. I think one component will be on it will be border security again and I think another thing will be to codify the children (separation issue),” McKinley said during an appearance Friday on MetroNews Talkline.

McKinley voted in favor of two immigration bills that failed to pass the House this week. President Trump has said the House shouldn’t do anything until it can get an agreement on the border security issue.

“That’s what it’s coming down to–do we have border security or not? That is paramount. The president said he will not sign anything that doesn’t have border security on it,” McKinley said.

McKinley also said Friday that he supports a pathway to citizenship for so-called “Dreamers” but not a special pathway.

“They can’t jump ahead of the line to get their legal status. They are going to have to work through the process like everyone else,” he said.

Most of all, McKinley said Congress needs to stop stalling on the issue. He said all status quo brings is uncertainty.

“I just want to get something done out of the House, see what we can pass out of the Senate and go into conference so we can work out a nice bipartisan compromise,” McKinley said.

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