HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Oct. 1, 2018 is the projected completion date for the newest residential treatment facility for women and their children in Cabell County.

Currently being renovated is the future home of “Project Hope for Women and Children” located near the Huntington City Mission.

With it, they’ll be filling a need in care for substance use disorder, said Dr. Stephen Petrany, chair of the department of family and community health at the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine.

“We’re doing pretty well in terms of covering the infants and newborns and adults (in drug treatment), but there seemed to be a gap in terms of parents with young children and their particular needs,” Petrany explained.

“It’s an important transition from having had the child, motherhood and helping them kind of get their feet on the ground before they get back into their regular lives.”

The goal is to keep referred mothers with their children with support on their path to recovery over periods of three to six months.

Marshall Health is partnering with the Huntington City Mission for the project which is designed to complement existing services like the Maternal Addiction Recovery Center, Lily’s Place, Recovery Point and Maternal Opioid Medication Support at Cabell-Huntington Hospital.

“We didn’t see a good place for the women who may try to be on the road to recovery,” said Beth Hammers, chief executive officer for Marshall Health.

“This allows those individuals, if they need to seek a place to be with their children during this time, that they can actually have a house and set up a home.”

Once finished, 18 apartments of two to three bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room and kitchenette will be available to women in treatment for substance use disorder and their kids.

Peer and residential supports and family therapy — including fathers — will be provided on site with many other services, like medication-assisted treatment, delivered at outpatient locations, including PROACT, a health collaborative.

Renovation work started earlier this year at the 15,000-square-foot building that’ll house “Project Hope for Women and Children.”

The site is near the intersection of Huntington’s 7th Ave. and 10th Street.

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