CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The West Virginia State Board of Education unanimously voted Vice President David G. Perry to the seat of president following State Superintendent Dr. Steven Paine’s State of Education Address Thursday.

“I would like to thank this opportunity to thank Mr. Campbell for your leadership and the direction you have set this board in,” Perry said. “I think you’ve done a phenomenal yeoman’s job of establishing relationships with the legislature, with the Governor certainly, and with each board member here being a vital part of your administration. I only can say that I hope I would do half the job that you’ve done Mr. Campbell.”

To fill the subsequently vacant seat of vice president, the board unanimously voted for Miller L. Hall, “who has impressed, I think, all of us in the past year with his dedication to students, his focus on what’s important about teaching and learning, his wide knowledge and deep knowledge of what is going on in our schools in West Virginia,” board member Debra Sullivan said.

Sullivan said each member of the board brings strength and that Hall’s strength is his heart.

“He keeps students foremost in everything he thinks about, which I know we all do, but Miller has become sort of our spokes person on a lot of these issues,” she said. “And the high regard in which he’s held here in the state, you can’t help but be impressed with the man as well as the educator.”

Hall was very humbled by the nomination and vowed to give the board 110 percent.

“I have a vision that one day, every kid in the system will be able to go out and be productive in whatever they need to be productive in, whether it’s CTE or whether it’s going to college,” he said. “I’m anxious to continue to help our young people to grow. That’s what it’s all about. I’m going to give you everything I’ve got and then some.”

While Campbell termed out as president after serving in the position for the past two years, he will remain a part of the Board of Education. The BOE voted to appoint him as the board’s financial officer during Thursday’s meeting.

Additionally, Perry announced that Campbell will chair special committee as part of that new role.

“In so doing, I’d like to announce that Mr. Campbell will chair a special committee dealing with school finances, which will include the school aid formula, adequacy of funding and so forth, and it’s work that needs continued,” Perry said. “We’ll leave the work to Mr. Campbell to appoint those persons to the committee who he feels will be most productive, and of course each and every board member can also be an ex officio member to that committee.”

Board member Frank Vitale closed the meeting by extending thanks to former President Campbell for his leadership over the last two years.

“I think he’s done an excellent job. He really led this board in a challenging time, and what he did, he brought us together as a leader,” Vitale said. “That’s what leaders do, they bring people together. He did that, so I’d like to on a personal note say thank you for your mentorship of me and what you’ve done for this board.

Campbell added: “It takes a team, and the team has been great to work with. Even when we didn’t agree, it’s been great to work with, so congratulations team.”

The board’s meetings will continue to be held on the second Wednesday of each month. However, the meeting time was changed to 10 a.m.

The next meeting will be held Aug. 8.

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