CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Service from West Virginians is putting the Mountain State at the top of a national list.

For 2018, West Virginia is in Spot No. 1 when it comes to the number of AmeriCorps members per capita, according to rankings released Tuesday.

Barbara Stewart, CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service which administers the AmeriCorps program, said the designation should make residents “proud.”

“In addition to the number of people coming from West Virginia, there are also currently 1,100 AmeriCorps members serving in West Virginia,” she told MetroNews.

“West Virginia is both a terrific place for AmeriCorps members to come from and where AmeriCorps members currently serve.”

In 2016 and 2017, West Virginia was ranked No. 3 on the AmeriCorps member list.

Along with West Virginia, the Top Ten “AmeriStates” for 2018 include the District of Columbia, considered a state for these rankings, Minnesota, Utah, Vermont, Montana, Hawaii, New Mexico, Massachusetts and Maryland.

For large cities, Baltimore, Md. was ranked No. 1, while Provo, Ut. was at the top of the smaller city rankings.

“AmeriCorps members serve in a wide array of organizations addressing a wide array of important needs throughout the country,” Stewart said.

In West Virginia, involvement includes Energy Express and the Preservation Alliance of West Virginia.

Since 1994, Stewart said more than 13,000 West Virginia residents total have joined AmeriCorps and the civil service organization continues to recruit more members.

“The activities in communities, the great work that’s been done in West Virginia in the organizations operating in West Virginia, inspire people to want to serve either in their community or elsewhere in the country,” Stewart said.