CHARLESTON, W.Va. — After several weeks on the road, staffers of the National Weather Service’s Charleston Weather Bureau are back at home. The agency established a temporary office in Charleston which opened up Monday in the wake of the discovery of mold in the main building.

“Right now we’re operating out of temporary trailers while they work to clean up the mold in our main facility,” said Tony Edwards Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the Charleston Weather Bureau. “That’s probably going to be a prolonged process, but we have temporary trailers set up and we’re able to do everything we can in the main facility.”

Since the discovery of the mold in September, forecasters from Charleston were working out of the National Weather Service Pittsburgh bureau, but eventually moved to the facility in Sterling, Virginia before returning to Charleston Monday with the temporary headquarters in place.

“We started in Pittsburgh and their office is a little cramped,” he said. “Sterling has a little bigger building and they were able to move us over there.”

Currently the facility off Corridor G just south of Charleston has two temporary trailers set up in the parking lot of the now closed building. One of the trailers handles forecasting work the other is for administrative duties. The electronics and technical work is being headquartered in the offices of the office’s nearby radar installation.

Edwards was unsure how long the office would remain in the temporary quarters, but assured the facility was adequate to handle all forecasting duties for the foreseeable future. Work to abate the mold hasn’t started yet.

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