Willis Caudill

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston Police say a man who recently scammed his way into the home of an elderly woman and robbed her is a dangerous and violent individual. Willis G. Caudill is wanted on a warrant by Charleston police for robbing an 88 year old woman after posing as a city sanitation worker needing to check her toilets due to a sewer problem in the neighborhood.

“She let him in, he went upstairs to her restroom and comes back down with her purse and wallet,” said Charleston Police Chief Steve Cooper. “He used her credit cards from here to Huntington.”

Charleston isn’t the only city where Caudill is being sought, according to Cooper he is wanted by several agencies for several similar crimes.

“We have a warrant for him. He’s wanted in Cabell County, Bluefield, West Virginia, Bluefield, Virginia and a total of about six agencies,” said Cooper. “He’s been a one man crime spree against the elderly from Tazwell, Virginia to Huntington, West Virginia.”

The Charleston victim was 88, the victim in Tazwell, Virginia was 91 and wound up being shoved into a closet with her arm bent. Cooper said in Cabell County the incident in which Caudill is a suspect was an elderly widow decorating the grave of her late husband who was scammed out of her money.

Caudill was arrested for similar crimes

a decade ago in Charleston and spent time in prison. He’s also a convicted sex offender and is considered a violent felon. Anyone spotting Caudill is advised to call 911 and let police deal with him. According to Cooper he has a history of violence not only with victims, but also with police.

“We have ensued on a manhunt for Mr. Caudill,” Cooper said. “This guy is just a bad guy. All of these felony convictions, he has a 39 page rap sheet, and he’s targeting the elderly. We are looking high and low for him.”

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