CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. — A new petition is making its way around property owners in a Jefferson County town near the construction site of the controversial¬†Rockwool plant.

Activist group Jefferson County Vision has launched the petition under state law to stop construction on an industrial sewer being financed by the Charles Town Building Commission and the Charles Town City Council.

If 30 percent of Charles Town property owners sign the petition opposing the $16 million dollar sewer bond, a 4/5 vote will be needed to pass in place of a majority.

Charles Town Mayor Scott Rogers stated in a letter to property owners that he opposes Rockwool and the sewer bond.

“As Mayor of Charles Town, I am opposed to the proposed Rockwool industrial facility. Rockwool’s traffic and toxic pollution near our schools make it the wrong fit for Jefferson County.

Charles Town freeholders, or property owners, have the right to sign a petition to increase the votes required for Rockwool to be able to use Charles Town’s sewer system.

I think that’s a good idea. We need to make sure that there’s a strong consensus in Charles Town before building any infrastructure for Rockwool.

Thanks for your consideration and signing the Charles Town sewer petition.”

The petition references West Virginia code explaining property owners have the right to voice concerns of construction and bond financing. Opponents are concerned over the wool insulation plant’s proximity to three public schools.

The structure will include two large smoke stacks each totaling 213 feet tall. It will be located in the former Jefferson Orchards in Ranson.