CHARLESTON W.Va. — Look out below for falling pumpkins.

The 20th annual Capital City Pumpkin Drop hosted by BridgeValley Community and Technical College and American Electric Power took place at Appalachian Power Park in Charleston on Thursday.

More than a thousand elementary, middle and high school aged kids from across West Virginia competed to see whose pumpkin could survive a drop from the top of a ladder on an AEP truck..

“It’s just cool to see all the ideas that people have thought up to protect the pumpkin from falling whether they work or don’t work,” Luke McGhee, a John Adams Middle School student said. ” The best idea I’ve seen here is the triangle box. They did not win but it only had a hairline fracture on it.”

38 schools were registered to participate in the annual drop with an estimated 100 pumpkin drops taking place.

The Pumpkin Drop is geared towards having students design a container using skills learned in the classroom that will protect the pumpkin during the fall.

The pumpkins were judged by a team of faculty and staff from BridgeValley Community and Technical College and AEP based on whether they stay intact and how close they land to the target.

“It’s pretty interesting,” Joseph Chapman, a John Adams Middle School student said. “Most of our school’s pumpkins were in regular boxes but we did have one in a triangle type box but I am pretty sure it didn’t survive though.”

“My team didn’t win. The box fell sideways mid-flight and the pumpkin didn’t survive but today has been good.”

This year’s winners were:
Most Creative Design
Hurricane Middle School, Putnam County
Most Sustainable Design
Chapmanville Middle School, Logan County
Elementary School
First Place: Justice Elementary School, Logan County
Second Place: Ansted Elementary School, Fayette County
Third Place: Elk Elementary Center, Kanawha County
Middle School
First Place: East Fairmont Middle School, Marion County
Second Place: Clay County Schools – Gifted , Clay County
Third Place: Hayes Middle School, Kanawha County
High School
First Place: George Washington High School, Kanawha County
Second Place: East Fairmont STEM, Marion County
Third Place: Riverside High School, Kanawha County
Grand Slam Champion: Point Pleasant High School, Mason County