CROSS LANES, W.Va. — A property owner in Kanawha County made a grim discovery Thursday afternoon and called 911.

“He found what he thought were human remains and when deputies got on scene they confirmed that’s what he had,” said Sgt. Brian Humphreys of the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department.

The body was discovered in a remote part of the man’s property where he doesn’t visit often.

Investigators have plenty of questions surrounding the discovery. It’s still not known who it is, how long they have been there, or how the person died. Deputies hope the state Medical Examiner can give them some answers to those questions.

“Some of the investigators said it may have been weeks or months,” said Humphreys with regard to the timeline. “There were some objects with the body that should help with yielding an identification.”

Meanwhile, a number of missing persons reports are being consulted to see if there are any parallels which might create potential leads in the case.