MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — A celebration of veterans took place Friday at Potomack Intermediate School in Martinsburg.

The school welcomed a large group of veterans with a small assembly that featured the Post 60 American Legion Honor Guard and a performance from the school choir.

The group was then divided into classrooms where third-, fourth- and fifth-graders had the chance to hear the veterans’ stories and ask questions.

Fourth-grade teacher Heather Blackburn organized the event and also incorporated the Veteran Day holiday in lessons throughout the week.

“We also created thank you letters,” she said. “It branched not only to our social studies curriculum but as well to our English and Language Arts. We were reading books and articles about veterans as well as in our social studies textbook.”

Navy veteran Steven Staley was invited to speak by his son, a fourth-grader at the school.

“Well, for me it is pretty simple,” Staley said. “These kids need to learn about how we got to where we are today, the sacrifices made by so many who were fighting for our freedom.”

Another event honoring veterans was held earlier in the day at nearby Spring Mills High School.

Story by WEPM’s Elias McMillan