FALLING WATERS, W.Va. —  A woman who jumped off the Route 11 bridge over the Potomac River in Williamsport Monday evening was rescued thanks to the quick response of two witnesses.

Mark Cyrus of Falling Waters told MetroNews affiliate WEPM he was traveling across the bridge when he saw someone say that a woman had recently had jumped.

Cyrus and another man when down to the boat landing where they spotted the woman screaming for help about 30 yards from shore.

They brought her to shore and waited for authorities. Once on scene, first responders treated the woman and provided blankets.

Washington County 911 received the call at around 5 Monday evening.

Cyrus said despite the 60-70 foot drop, the woman did have movement in her arms and legs.

“She was thankful. We talked with her for quite some time. It was a minute or two before paramedics got to the scene,” said Cyrus. “It was cold out there. The water was cold.”

She was said to had suffered some back injuries from the fall and was taken to Meritus Medical Center in Hagerstown, Maryland for further treatment.

Story by WEPM’s Elias McMillan