CHARLESTON, W.Va. — An expert in nonprofit organizations says sometimes charitable nonprofits and foundation organizations can get in a rut and they need to try and broaden their outlooks and build additional partnerships.

National Council of Nonprofits Board

Donna Murray-Brown

National Council of Nonprofits Board Chair & Michigan Nonprofit Association CEO Donna Murray-Brown will be the featured speaker Friday at the fifth annual joint Annual Policy Institute being held at the state capitol.

Murray-Brown will speak with those associated with Philanthropy West Virginia and the West Virginia Nonprofit Association in a meeting at the state capitol.

Ahead of her visit to Charleston, Murray-Brown told MetroNews the nonprofits and philanthropic groups have already done a lot of great work together over the years but things need to be taken to the next level.

“I think oftentimes when you do good work sometimes over time there starts to be inertia and things that you do become considered perfunctory. So what I really want to do is invigorate,” Murray-Brown said.

Grant makers and grant seekers should be thought of more broadly. Murray-Brown said there are other sectors that can help including the private sector and government.

“You need to be mapping out your stakeholders in terms who are the centers of influence to get work done. Looking at how you partner together and looking at your own individual strengths and maybe some deficiencies you have and partnering with someone who may make the work stronger together,” Murray-Brown said.

Friday’s event will also include a release by the state Auditor’s Office on steps being taken to reduce delays of state and federal grants and a panel discussion focused on the upcoming legislative session.

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