February 4, 2019

Fairmont Senior prevails past RCB, 64-58

Fairmont Senior coach David Retton wasn't pleased with the Polar Bears' performance in a six-point home win.

150K register for Turnpike EZ Pass

The West Virginia Parkways Authority said Monday 110,000 new transponders were processed for the three-year pass.

Checks from NuWave settlement to soon be sent

The West Virginia Attorney General's Office previously reached a $320,000 settlement with NuWave, LLC,

Judiciary Committee begins discussing impeachment resolution

The Senate Judiciary Committee talked abpit a proposed constitutional amendment to prohibit any state court from interfering in any future impeachment proceedings.

New commander of the West Virginia Air National Guard has high hopes

Walker become the first African-American commander in the Guard's history.

Big Monday blog: Mountaineers look to steal a road win

LUBBOCK, Texas — Good day from Big Monday, where West Virginia makes its first official appearance of the season on ESPN’s hoops brainchild. Unlike so...

Morgantown Police chief: Snow day incident involving WVU students ‘entirely avoidable’

"We had to clear that street," Preston said Monday on WAJR's "Talk of the Town" with Dave Wilson and Sarah Giosi. "People could have and would have gotten hurt."

Justice says missing revenue collection mark in January not a bad thing

With revenue estimates adjusted upward state misses in January by $3 million.

Officials thankful for statewide support following Martinsburg Lady Bulldogs bus crash

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Given the circumstances, you could call it the “Miracle on I-64”. “The call that I received Saturday is the one that parents...

Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick astonishes auction with $125K bid for muzzleloader

Arizona Diamondbacks managing general partner Ken Kendrick purchased the first Marvin Wotring Mountaineer muzzleloader.

Man dead in Clarksburg officer-involved shooting

The incident occurred on Hamill Avenue in Clarksburg at around 10:17 a.m. Monday.

Prosecutors review accidental firearm discharge in Charleston’s Clay Center

Witnesses say gun fell out of a guests coat during a major weekend fundraiser

U.S. Attorney and governor’s company collide on $1.23 million federal penalty

Federal prosecutors intervene to collect contempt of court fine from Justice Energy.

West Virginia hoping to zone out defensive struggles

As the Mountaineers face Texas Tech, basketball beat writer Justin Jackson is in Lubbock.

Householder aims to have House budget ready with week before session ends

The committee held its final agency budget hearings on Friday.

Why a teachers strike would be a mistake

The leaders of the three teacher and service workers unions in the state have called on their local chapters to decide whether to support or...

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