CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — Though the investigation into Monday’s officer-involved shooting in Clarksburg is still in infancy stages, Harrison County Sheriff Robert Matheny said there is no evidence suggesting foul play.

“I can tell you based on my conversation based on the Chief of Detectives at the Sheriff’s Office that up to this point, there are no red flags that would indicate anything other than a justifiable shooting by the officer. I won’t go into any details further than that,” Matheny said Tuesday on WAJR’s “Talk of the Town.”

At around 10:17 a.m. Monday, three Clarksburg police officers attempted to serve a domestic violence protective order at the Hamill Avenue home of Robert Matz, 80, of Clarksburg.

Clarksburg Police Chief Robbie Hilliard has said that Matz was armed and pulled his weapon on the officers. He was then shot by police.

“Officers entered the home and during their interaction with the respondent, something transpired that ultimately resulted in one of the officers firing his weapon and killing the individual,” Matheny said.

Following the incident, Matheny said that the Clarksburg Police Department followed post-shooting procedures, which included calling in an outside agency to complete the investigation.

“They quarantined the officers, secured the weapon, and then Chief Hilliard made the choice to ask for an outside agency to investigate that,” he said. “The Chief called me in regards to that, and of course we accommodated their request, so I assigned our detective unit to take over that investigate and review that shooting.”

At that time, detectives from the Sheriff’s department responded to the scene, spoke with the officers involved, took evidence and was given the officer’s weapon that was involved in the shooting, Matheny said.

The investigation is ongoing.

While Matheny points out “there’s no timeline on an investigation,” he said he doesn’t expect the process to take long.

“From talking to the detectives at our agency, it appears that a lot of the information is available and at their fingertips to put together,” he said. “I’m just speculating of course. I would say that this type of investigation with what I’ve heard so far leads me to believe that we can wrap this up rather quickly.”

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