GLENVILLE, W.Va. — More than 30 projects at Glenville State College will see funding thanks to last month’s Founders Day of Giving crowdfunding campaign, which raised over $100,000 this year.

“Really our whole team, I think, is overwhelmed by the support. We recognize that people want to give to what they’re passionate about, and I think this campaign allows them to do so,” said Ashley Knight, Glenville State’s Director of Financing.

Knight said the total raised in this year’s campaign was $106,147.

“We’re really excited that people recognize that their gift of any amount will make a difference, and I think this campaign really shows that sums of $5, $10, $20, $100 add up to $104,000, which is just amazing,” she said.

This was only the second year of the Founders Day of Giving campaign, with last year’s raising about $50,000.

Last year’s efforts did not yet have an online component, an added feature this year that Knight believes fueled this year’s success.

“I think what made this campaign to be a success is we allowed each department and team to pick what they wanted to raise money for, and then they actually pushed out the campaign themselves,” she said.

Knight said the campaign gained nearly 160 new online donors.

Prior to last year’s inaugural Founders Day of Giving, Glenville State participated in the National Day of Giving, which falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

“However, it’s just really hard to compete with national organizations. So we decided to change it to our Founders Day, which is really unique to the college,” Knight said. “I think a lot of smaller colleges do that, and it turned out really great for us specifically. I like it because people know every year on Founders Day, they’re going to be able to donate to a cause at Glenville State that they’re passionate about.”

Funds raised through the campaign will help individual departments and teams at Glenville State in areas that they deemed of immediate need.

“For instance, forestry selected to raise money for two chainsaws. Softball wanted a $4,000 pitching machine. Our teacher education program decided to raise money for Praxis tests costs, so they sent out emails and social media blasts to teachers specifically,” Knight said.

Many athletic teams chose to raise money for travel costs.

“Boxing chose to raise money for safety gear. They actually blew their goal out of the water,” Knight said. “I think they actually doubled their goal, which is great, so I’m sure they’re going to use that for other things.”

Additional parts of the campaign included a “Campus Community Cup Challenge,” in which $5 cups with the Glenville State logo were sold in partnership with the college’s food services at the Rusty Musket.

“We hosted a murder mystery dinner and show for theater, English, language arts, writing, and they raised money for things like visiting writer’s series, visiting theater companies, a new curtain for the presidents auditorium. They blew their goal out of the water,” Knight said.

Also, the criminal justice department raised money for fatal vision goggles, which they’ll take on recruiting trips.

“Our students will also use for first hand training on drinking and driving,” Knight said.

With such a successful second year under their belt, Knight said the financing staff is already planning for next year.

“We are going to definitely start planning a little sooner. We pretty much did all of this in less than two months, and it was a little crunched,” she said.

Knight said she’s pleased with the layout from this year’s campaign, those next year may see a few minor changes.

“We had a live stream at the Waco Center and then we had a celebration at the Mollohan Center,” she said. “We’re in discussions of just keeping everything in one location for next year and kind of incorporating students, faculty, staff and community members in one celebration instead of two separate ones.‚Äč”

Donations can still be made at or by calling (304) 462-6382.

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