CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Lt. Autumn Davis says the Charleston Police Department is continuing to work in the murder case of Talonaie Chambers.

March 13 marks one year since Chambers was found shot dead in her West Side apartment.

Talonaie Chambers

“Homicidal investigations do not close until it results in a charge or an arrest,” Davis said. “We are continuing to work this case. Talonaie was never forgotten about, her murder was never forgotten about. We just need some assistance from people who know what happened to come forward and assist in this investigation.”

Davis, at a Wednesday morning presser, said the department’s Criminal Investigation Division has not received any significant leads in the case lately but hopes someone will come forward soon with information on Washington St. W incident to give the case life.

“I know that someone knows something,” Davis said. “They should know that she leaves behind a young daughter who will grow up without a mother and who will learn the tragic circumstances of her mother’s death. If someone knows something I implore you to come forward and bring some closure to Talonaie’s death and to her family and bring a killer to justice.

“Talonaie’s life mattered. She was a daughter, a mother and a friend to many. Her tragic death has not been forgotten about. We fully intend to investigate this vigorously and bring her killer to justice.”

Chambers, killed at age 39, was found dead by her mother. Davis said despite a diligent investigation, no arrests have been made in the case. Police brought in Alexander Brown for questioning as Davis said that Brown is still considered to be a person of interest in the case but would not release any more details.

Davis asks anyone with information on the killing to come forward and remain anonymous if they have to. Individuals can reach out to the department in multiple ways including the Charleston Police Department Criminal Investigation Division Facebook page.

She said the longer the case goes without being solved, the colder it gets.

“Witnesses move away, things just take priority in people’s lives,” she said. “Today we want to make Talonaie’s case a priority.”

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