RIPLEY, W.Va. — Day three in the trial of a Jackson County man accused of raping and killing a 10-month old girl in 2016 is in the books.

On Friday, multiple people were on the stand testifying including a representative from the jail that played audio from the first phone calls that Benjamin Taylor, 33, of Cottageville, made from jail.

Taylor allegedly sexually assaulted Emmaleigh Barringer. She died a few days after the incident as he is being charged with murder and sexual assault.

Mark Jarrett, the representative from the jail, was first on the stand in the afternoon and played recordings from Taylor’s first phone calls.

According to WSAZ-TV’s Leanne Shinkle, the first call said, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t molest that child. I did do something bad but I didn’t molest her,” while call two said, “I know she done something but I don’t know what. I’m not afraid to take my punishment for what I’ve done. But what I’ve been charged with is not what I should be charged with.”

In call three, Shinkle said Taylor was talking on the phone with someone about how the baby’s organs were donated and they were having a viewing. Shinkle added that Taylor thought it was good news and the person on the other side of the call said, “Yeah I’m glad something good will come of this,” where Taylor responded, “The reason why I think that’s a good thing is because then they don’t have much evidence.”

David Miller, a forensic scientist for West Virginia State Police was first on the stand in the morning. Miller showed pictures of Barringer’s diaper and Taylor’s jeans from that night where he said he tested a few areas of the diaper and found blood and ‘presumptive seminal fluid.’ Shinkle said they were told by Miller that seminal fluid was found on Taylor and areas of his jeans.

During cross-examination of Miller by Taylor’s attorney, Tim Rosinsky asked if ‘presumptive seminal fluid’ means it was definitely seminal fluid and Miller answered no but said the DNA analyst tests further to confirm.

Barbara Kay, the neighbor to Barringer’s mother and ex-girlfriend of Taylor, Amanda Adkins, was called to the stand by the defense Friday afternoon. The incident occurred at Adkins’ Fairplain apartment, where Kay is wall neighbors with her. Kay said she has never heard Barringer cry before, but she knows it was her.

Kay added that she got up to call 911 that night after much screaming from Barringer but decided not to call when the baby stopped crying. According to Shinkle, Kay said on the stand that she told police that night that she did not hear anything but said today she does not know why she said that.

To wrap up the day, Rosinsky called character witnesses up to the stand. According to Shinkle, Taylor Ramsey testified on Taylor’s behalf and said, “He’s always been polite and happy going throughout his life,” and knows there was no way that he did it.

The trial will continue Monday morning at 9 in Jackson County Circuit Court.

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