HARTS, W.Va. — A 20-year worker with Appalachian Power Company died Wednesday after his company truck rolled over an embankment in the Harts Creek community of Lincoln County.

Chris Canterbury, 47, worked out of the company’s Logan Service Center.

The rollover occurred on a narrow driveway, according to state police trooper Benjamin Wood.

“At least one tire of the vehicle slipped from the driveway. The vehicle rolled at least twice down a pretty steep embankment and came to rest on Route 10,” Wood said.

According to investigators, Canterbury was driving a regular pickup truck and was engaged in reading meters for the power company when the mishap occurred. Wood said the residential driveway had partially slipped away earlier this year, but there was no indication it had slipped any further.

“There was a slip earlier in the year during some of the larger rains, but there was no new slippage,” he said. “It just appeared the driveway was a little more narrow than he anticipated.”

Canterbury was wearing his seat belt when the rollover happened, but was dead when police got to the scene.

Canterbury joined Appalachian Power in 1998. He is survived by a wife and two children.