HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — It will be a unique piece of road work happening this weekend in Cabell County, but officials worry it may draw too much attention.

Pritchard Signal and Light Company of Scott Depot, W.Va. is installing new road lights on Interstate 64 through the Huntington area. The light towers will be installed Saturday and Sunday, using a helicopter. Handling the installation of the masts from the air has been done before in West Virginia and makes for an efficient installation, but emergency officials worry about the distraction to motorists.

“I’ts very unique ad my biggest concern is the traffic and people being safe,” said Gordon Merry, Director of Emergency Services for Cabell County. “We need people to pay attention to the road and not what’s up in the air.”

Merry admitted that will be hard to do. State Police plan to handle the traffic using “rolling roadblocks” and will slow traffic in all lanes and while the aircraft engaged in installation, traffic will be stopped completely.

“What they’ve got to remember is they’ll also shutdown the roads running under the interstate, like Route 60,” said Merry. “The whole area will be shutdown when they are actually setting the poles.”

The project involves the installation of high mast lighting towers at the interchanges at Exit 1 (Kenova), Exit 6 (West Huntington), Exit 8 (5th Street), Exit 15 (29th Street), Exit 18 (Barboursville) and Exit 20 (Huntington Mall).

The work is set for Saturday and Sunday. Motorists can expect big delays when travelling on I-64 or intersecting routes all weekend.