MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — The site of a former fruit processing plant has been sold to a Michigan-based high tech firm.

The historic, 20+ acre National Fruit Campus is located on the northern end of downtown Martinsburg and has been vacant for 30 years. It is located off of North Queen Street along Pennsylvania Avenue.

In a Monday news release, Mayor George Karos confirmed the land was acquired by MAG R&D and IMMY, Inc.

“Martinsburg will now become home to the new corporate headquarters for both MAG R&D and Magyari’s affiliated virtual and augmented-reality company, IMMY, Inc.,” the release said.

IMMY, Inc. is known for creating computing platforms and software systems specializing in virtual reality, augmented reality and user experience interfaces. MAG R&D focuses on machining and manufacturing technology and research for the US Military, Homeland Security and others.

The companies were started by CEO and entrepreneur Doug Magyari. According to his website, Magyari has developed products in the fields of sound technology, acoustics, automotive and optics. He began inventing when he was 9 years old.

Magyari has been working with real estate agent Angela Kable Johnson for about two years to secure land in Martinsburg. The release quoted Magyari as “excited about the opportunities that West Virginia and the Martinsburg community have to offer”.

“The City of Martinsburg is excited about Mr. Magyari selecting Martinsburg as the new corporate headquarters of MAG R&D and IMMY, Inc.,” said Mayor George Karos. “Mr. Magyari’s purchase and redevelopment of the old National Fruit facility fits well into the City’s broader economic plan to support private investment to restore our community’s historic assets as centers of growth for the next generation. The City looks forward to working with Mr. Magyari.”

Under current plans, the National Fruit campus will be morphed into a combination of historic and high-tech portions that will aim to “contribute to both the historic character of the community and the growth and economic development of Martinsburg”.

Both companies will create regional jobs, but the exact number remains unclear. Read more about IMMY, Inc. here.