CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Gov. Jim Justice is aiming to work with the state Legislature on 15 bills he vetoed during the special legislative session.

The governor’s office said Friday the bill’s vetos were for technical issues such as contradictions with existing law, broad language and a title not related to the bill’s contents.

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“I am working with the Legislature to fix the technical errors and get these bills added to the Special Session call,” Justice said. “If this happens, and the Legislature passes the bills during Special Session, I will have an opportunity to sign them in time for them to take effect on July 1.”

The vetoed bills include Senate Bill 633, House Bill 2079, House Bill 2412, House Bill 2503, House Bill 2530, House Bill 2531, House Bill 2661, House Bill 2673, House Bill 2674, House Bill 2703, House Bill 2734, House Bill 2807, House Bill 2828, House Bill 2933 and House Bill 3024.