CORRECTION:  MetroNews reported this story in error earlier today. Logan County Superintendent Patricia Lucas tells us there will be school Monday at Holden Central Elementary. We regret our error.

HOLDEN, W.Va. — The Logan County school system is reporting multiple cases of scabies at an elementary school.

Superintendent Patricia Lucas said Holden Central Elementary will be closed on Monday to allow for three days of disinfection, after cases of individual infestation were confirmed, though she did not specify the number of students who had contracted the condition, which is caused by mites that burrow under the skin.

“I have requested that information be sent home with every kid on how to prevent/treat scabies along with info about what procedures the county is following to remedy the situation,” Lucas told WSAZ Television. “I have also requested that if, in fact, the schools are safe enough for students and employees to be there, then the superintendent and assistant superintendent should personally visit the school to meet with employees to explain what is being done to control the outbreak and why it is safe to be there. It would also be nice to see them interacting with some of the children.”

According to Lucas, seven additional custodians have been sent in to clean the school, using protocols prescribed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and by the Logan County Health Department.

The school’s head nurse said the health department is not referring to the cases as an outbreak.