CHARLESTON, W.Va. — At least one West Virginia county Republican executive committee wants to officially express confidence in Gov. Jim Justice.

Such votes have been noteworthy for the past week, following the Kanawha County Republican Executive Committee’s 19-4 vote last Tuesday to express ‘no confidence’ in Justice.

Mineral County decided to officially express confidence. The county put out a statement, as well as a copy of a resolution, from a vote its members took this weekend.

“While we did not support candidate Justice in the election as he ran as a Democrat, he has seen the error of his ways and has since moved away from the failed Democrat policies that has drug our state down for nearly a century and embraced that of the Republican Party,” stated Nickolas Imes, chairman of the Mineral County GOP.

“Ultimately he has switched his registration to the Republican Party, and Mineral County welcomes him to the party.”

The statement from Imes pointed toward economic development in Mineral County.

“Governor Justice working with our Legislature has benefited Mineral County greatly. Northrop Grumman is expanding bringing in 583 new high paying jobs as well as other companies looking to locate in Mineral County.

“Tourism is increasing in Mineral County as a strong bond between Charleston and our county is being formed. This is all happening because of the leadership of Governor Jim Justice putting good people in Cabinet Secretary and Commissioner positions.”

At least three more counties expect to consider their degree of confidence in Governor Justice this week. Those include Harrison and Fayette on Monday and then Upshur later in the week.

Justice was the guest speaker on Saturday night at a gathering of the Greenbrier County executive committee in the county he makes his home.

Justice is an incumbent who has already declared his intention to run for re-election in 2020. But he was elected governor as a Democrat and switched his party registration to Republican a few months into his first year in office.

The Kanawha Republican resolution contends Justice’s positions still contradict the party’s platform.

The resolution criticizes Justice’s positions on education — including his stated opposition to charter schools and other “broad education reforms.” It also takes issue with his comments on right-to-work legislation and expresses concerns about the state’s current road maintenance challenges.

*RESOLVED,” it states, “the Kanawha County, West Virginia, Republican Executive Committee votes to express no confidence in the current Governor of West Virginia, James Justice.”

That sparked the conversation among other counties with many saying they’ll discuss the matter during upcoming meetings.

“There is an excitement about future growth in Mineral County under the Justice Administration and for those reasons we support Governor Jim Justice,” the Mineral County Republican Executive Committee stated.