WESTOVER, W.Va. — A 48-year-old Westover woman was stabbed in the head on Tuesday night.

She was stabbed as the result of an argument with her daughter’s boyfriend, Zachary Nipper, of Baltimore, Westover Police Chief Rick Panico said.

Officers responded to 426 Dunkard Avenue just before 9 p.m. on Tuesday and found the victim with a knife sticking out of her head, Panico said. Officers wrapped the wound and called EMS who transported the woman to Ruby Memorial Hospital. Panico said the woman was home on Wednesday morning.

The victim’s daughter said she and Nipper smoked meth and the house was used as a “flop house,” Panico said. The investigation revealed Nipper lives in Marjorie Gardens and stayed at the victim’s apartment several times a week.

Nipper was found on New Jersey Avenue, which is the same street as Dunkard Avenue, but further up, Panico explained. He was acting strange and residents were calling to report his behavior. Nipper resisted arrest refused to identify himself to police.

As Nipper refused to identify himself, police did not know his identity until Wednesday, Panico said. Once he was identified, police were able to determine he was wanted for felonious assault in Maryland and was on probation.

A letter of abetment will likely be sent to Dalton Rental, which manages the property, since the victim’s daughter admitted to smoking meth there, Panico said. Eviction is likely.

There have been several problems previously at 426 Dunkard Avenue and Panico said the landlord just doesn’t seem to care.

The Westover Police Department offers free background checks on potential tenants to landlords but not every landlord in the city takes advantage of the checks. Some landlords seem to prefer the quick cash, because despite neighbor complaints, they don’t live there, so it’s not their problem, Panico said.

Nipper is being held in North Central Regional Jail pending charges and arraignment.

Story by William Dean, Dominion Post