BOSTON, Ma. — Caleb Bowen was not sure how he would run Monday in the 2019 Boston Marathon.

Bowen, an assistant track and XC coach at Marshall, had been on the road in Charlotte for a track meet a couple days prior. His flight to Boston was delayed and he finally arrived in the city early Sunday morning.

Turns out the Culloden native ran his best time Monday during his third Boston Marathon, finishing in 2:34:12, good for a 180th overall finish of over 25,000 runners.

The 25-year old told MetroNews affiliate WMOV in Ravenswood the story of his trip and race in Boston.

“Around Newton Hills which is miles 16 to 21, I kind of had an idea that I might run pretty well today (Tuesday),” he said. “I was pushing the hills a good bit.

“My slowest mile was the last mile.”

The former runner at Hurricane High School and Marshall runner finished the race as West Virginia’s top runner with a pace of 5:53 per mile.

2019 was Bowden’s third Boston Marathon, running a 2:42:48 in 2017 and a 3:02:10 in last year’s event.

2018’s marathon was a mess, weather-wise. Bowden said it was much better this year for runners with temperatures in the mid to high 50s.

“We weren’t sure going into it if it was going to be a whole lot different,” he said of the weather. “It was supposed to rain most of the race and stop in the afternoon and evening. We got lucky, we got a lucky break.

“I think the crosswinds helped a lot. From miles one to 18 or 20, there was a crosswind and it really cooled us off. Then it turned into a tailwind and that is always a good thing to have a tailwind for the last four or five miles.”

Bowen was greeted at the finish line by his family at mile 26. He said it is a proud moment to finish the historic race, again.

“It’s one of the earliest ones,” Bowen said. “Being a point to point race, you get to see a whole lot of very historic things. The historic aspect of it makes it so much more special.

“I think any runner that is post-collegiate, it’s one of those races that you want to get into just to say you’ve done it.”

Results can be found for the entire field, including all 39 runners from West Virginia, HERE.