CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Chris Morris and his wife love to travel in their truck and airstream trailer.

This week the couple have been traveling on US Route 119 through Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania as part of the new campaign “119 Things to Do on US Route 119.”

“We started in Pikeville, Kentucky yesterday (Thursday), visited areas there,” Morris said. “Stopped off in Williamson this morning, went to Logan and now we are in Charleston today (Friday).

“We have stops going north through Weston, Buckhannon, Grafton, and Morgantown going up to Pennsylvania.”

The pair stopped at Capitol Market in Charleston on Friday afternoon.

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The trip, created by the Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau, started in Pikeville, Kentucky on Thursday.

Morris said one of the highlights of the trip so far was the Dueling Barrels Brewing and Distillery in Pikeville.

He added there has been plenty of things to do in southern West Virginia, including the Hatfield and McCoy’s trail.

After the stop in Charleston, the couple will head to Lewis County, and up through West Virginia before ending the trip on Sunday in Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

“I hope this inspires people to hit the road,” Morris said. “Whether it is north of West Virginia, south of West Virginia, or into the mountains of West Virginia, around every corner there is just something unique.”