MORGANTOWN, W.Va.¬†—¬†Police have dropped an investigation into an alleged attack of a gay, African-American man after the alleged victim filed a “discontinue investigation form” this week and police could find no evidence an attack ever occurred.

Jared Rote filed the complaint back on May 27 when police responded to Mon Health Medical Center just before 4 a.m. regarding a battery complaint.

Rote told police he had been attacked by three men while walking on the Pleasant Street Bridge toward the South Park neighborhood. He allegedly recalled one of the men saying during the attack “this is what you get.”

At the hospital, police noted minor lacerations to his chest, face and arms.

However, Rote was unable to provide a description of his attackers and officers who canvassed the area where the alleged attack occurred could not locate any witnesses nor evidence of the attack.

Rote filed paperwork on Tuesday to discontinue the investigation into the matter.

The reported attack sparked a rally for Rote the following day in downtown Morgantown, which was attended by around 75 people, including several local elected officials.