CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The leaders of the three education workers unions in West Virginia are urging their members to come to the state capitol Monday as the House of Delegates returns for the special session on education reform.

West Virginia Education Association President Dale Lee, American Federation of Teachers-WV President Fred Albert and West Virginia School Service Personnel President Joe White appear in the video that was posted on social media Friday. It runs for just more than two minutes.

The video was filmed outside the state capitol.

“The leadership of our organizations will be there to fight this battle but now more than ever we need you there with us,” Albert said.

Lee called it “imperative” that a big crowd show up at the statehouse.

“We know what we need,” Lee said “That’s why it’s imperative that not only our school employees but our parents and students make the trip to the capitol all next week.”

The three ended the video with a joint message.

“Some legislators have said that you won’t come out in force during the summer because you are not getting paid,” White said.

“We must prove them wrong,” Albert concluded.

The House goes into session at 8:30 a.m. Monday.