CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A former runner for a Charleston law firm is going to federal prison for 18 months after being sentenced for mail fraud.

Robert Casdorph, 58, of Charleston, was sentenced this week after a previous guilty plea.


U.S. Attorney Mike Stuart

According to U.S. Attorney Mike Stuart, Casdorph began as runner at a Charleston law firm and land company. He was then promoted to a position where he helped manage money. Stuart said it was there that Casdorph used the firm’s money to pay his own bills. He presented a check for signature that included both the law firm/land company bill and his personal bills totaled together.

Casdorph did it for four years taking at least $134, 755.44 from the law firm.

“Cases like these literally defy explanation. Casdorph was trusted by his employer to the level that he was even promoted to help manage the company’s money. Instead of returning that trust with honest, hard work, Casdorph devised a terrible scheme to steal for one reason – personal greed,” Stuart said in a news release. “Returning trust by biting the hand that feeds you. Makes no sense. We prosecute cases like these to the fullest extent of the law.”

U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin sentenced Casdorph is 18 months in prison and ordered restitution in the total amount stolen. The money will go to the law firm and insurance company that covered the theft.