SENECA ROCKS, W.Va. — Debbie Warner of Seneca Rocks couldn’t sleep Saturday night. She was awake for some odd reason and noticed about 2 a.m. a bad storm had started. However, instead of a passing shower, she noticed this one was not letting up and the Heavens had opened.

“It was a complete downpour and it just came out of nowhere. By fifteen until four I woke my husband and said the water was raging behind the house,” Warner said.

She and her husband jumped into a higher gear and began moving vehicles and equipment. Her husband owns a trucking company and a towing recovery service. He was desperately trying to get his machinery out of harm’s way.

“I looked out and there was water rushing across the parking lot,” she said.

The family managed to get the vehicles to higher ground and save them, but the shop and garage incurred damage as did Warner’s basement.

“The water in the basement had already rising to above my knee,” she said. “It was quite scary.””