CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The man shot and killed on Charlestonโ€™s West Side on Thursday night has been identified.


Tre Gibson

Trequan “Tre” Isaiah Gibson, 19, of Charleston, was found dead on the ground in front of the 2nd Avenue Center when officers arrived on the scene of a reported shooting just after 11 p.m.

Charleston PD said there where there were reported multiple gunshots as multiple shell casings were located on the scene.

The center sits on the 1400 block of 2nd Avenue.

Gibson was a recent graduate of Riverside High School. He was a basketball player at both Riverside and South Charleston High School.

His coach at Riverside last season, D.J. Johnson, said Friday morning he was having a difficult time processing the tragedy.

“I’ve coached 13 years now and this is definitely the first time I’ve ever experienced something like this,” Johnson said.

He said Gibson had potential off the basketball court.

“He had an aptitude to go to college. He wanted to go to college. He wanted to do better for himself,” Johnson said. “I always felt that if he could get an environment change and get out of here, I felt he could achieve all of the goals he had set for himself. It’s just sad where we are at.”

Johnson often would take Gibson home after practice and said he enjoyed their discussions. He said Gibson was insightful.

Those sharing on social media about Gibson are calling for the gun violence to stop. Johnson said he hopes the tragedy has a positive outcome.

“This is very sad but the positive is that hopefully, with someone tragic like this happening, it just makes the people at the table realize that this is an issue we need to address here in our city,” Johnson said.

The homicide investigation is ongoing at this time as no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Charleston Police Department at 304-348-8111.

Current and former Kanawha Valley athletes responded to Gibson’s death on Twitter: