CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Turmoil continues in the Kanawha County Republican Executive Committee after the body’s meeting Tuesday night erupted into a series of shouting matches.

Multiple committee members have said they have received notices removing them from the body. Chairwoman Tresa Howell cited spotty attendance records as her reason for the action.

The body voted Tuesday to cancel a meeting scheduled for next Tuesday, in which Howell’s position as chairwoman would have been discussed. New members were also appointed without a vote.

Member Ryan Lemmon called Tuesday’s meeting a “total disregard of parliamentary procedure.”

“It was an effort to railroad the majority of members of this committee who deemed it was necessary to remove the chair,” he said.

“It’s apparent this was an effort to foil our attempt to restore unity within the committee. I’m ashamed to be a part of this, honestly.”

The conflict goes back to a vote the committee held in April; members passed a resolution expressing no confidence in Gov. Jim Justice alleging his positions contradicting the party’s platform.

Thorney Lieberman, who has been with the committee for “at least a dozen years,” said the matter on members may go before a judge.

“The by-laws clearly state new members have to be voted on by the committee,” he said. “Someone waved a magic wand, wouldn’t tell us how and so these people are now members.”

Lemmon said he is not interested in a legal solution, but noted the issue needs to be resolved.

“We need to move this state forward and avoid these petty differences,” he said.

Howell declined to comment.

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