CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Forty-one homes remain in active construction in the West Virginia RISE flood relief program, state Adjutant Gen. James Hoyer said Friday.

Of those, 18 are mobile home replacements, 15 are reconstruction projects and seven sites are demolition projects. One home is ready for final inspection.

West Virginia Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters has additionally issued eight notices to proceed on three rehabilitation and five construction projects.

According to a Friday press release, 295 cases have been assigned for construction, which is a multi-step process that ranges from signing a construction contract all the way up through active construction.

Crews also worked on one bridge this week. Six bridges are complete so far, with 68 others in case management.

There are 51 homes complete under RISE.

The total number of cases in the program is currently 409.

That’s a number that has risen and fallen over the past weeks, as case managers review older cases and some current cases drop out.

Of all of those, 51 are complete, 256 require total reconstruction, 47 require some kind of rehabilitation, 99 require mobile home replacement and nine are awaiting initial project type and undergoing damage assessment.