CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Frontier West Virginia says the company and Lincoln County 911 officials spoke during an outage last month, and it is “highly concerned” about the negative reaction that has followed.

Frontier West Virginia submitted a response to the Public Service Commission of West Virginia on Monday regarding a complaint about its services; officials with Lincoln County 911 reported it was unable to take incoming calls for 12 hours on July 17.

Frontier said on July 18, thieves cut Frontier’s cable while “stealing or attempting to steal copper” from three sections of wire between Hurricane and Milton, causing an outage. A transmitter also failed at the same time.

Frontier noted it immediately began routing call traffic to the Boone County public safety answering point as its crews worked to add a new section of cable. It also said 911 services remained working in Lincoln County as repairs were ongoing.

“Frontier is highly concerned that Lincoln County 9-1-1 appears to be dissatisfied with communications between the parties during the outage. In addition to Frontier’s 24/7 customer care center for 9-1-1, Frontier long has had a full-time 9-1-1 service manager devoted to West Virginia PSAPs,” Frontier said.

“Frontier had previously believed that there had been no significant communications issues between the parties. Frontier will reach out to Lincoln County 9- 1-1 to ensure that any issues with communications between the parties are addressed.”