UPDATE 10:45 a.m.  Guardians identified by police.

HURRICANE, W.Va. — Police are hoping somebody will recognize a youngster found wandering at a car wash in town mid-morning Tuesday.

“We’re not sure where he came from,” said Hurricane Police Captain Steve Lusher. “A lady was at the car wash sweeping out her car and this little guy came walking up to her.”

Lusher estimated the toddler is around 18 months old. He doesn’t speak, other than a few starter words like “ball”, “cat” and “dog”. Police entertained him for a couple of hours and CPS will take custody until his family can be located.

The car wash where he was walking is next to Fruth Pharmacy and only a couple of hundred yards from the police station in Hurricane. If he lived in a nearby home, Lusher said he had to cross some dangerous terrain to have made it to where he was found.

“If he didn’t come from one of those houses right beside it, he would have had to cross the railroad tracks or Route 34,” he said.

Anyone knowing the toddler’s identity or where his family can be found can contact Hurricane Police at 304-562-9911.