The WV Division of Natural Resources wishes to thank all sportspersons for their support of our agency goals.  Without public support, the wildlife of this great state would be in jeopardy.  To show our appreciation to all men and women who enjoy the outdoors, the Natural Resources Police Officers Association sponsored a fun “Mountaineer Sportsperson Challenge” held during the 2019 State Fair of West Virginia.  Participants had to answer five wildlife questions worth 20 points each, totaling a possible 100 points.  The challenge ranged from guessing the weight of a bear, antler score of a whitetail buck, and other topics of great interest among outdoor enthusiasts sitting around a campfire.

The competition placed contestants into seven categories.  Residents of West Virginia competed against each based on one of the six districts in which they reside.  The six districts can easily be found inside the WV Hunting and Fishing regulations.  Non-resident’s comprised the seventh category.

Over 800 men and women from West Virginia and surrounding states participated in the challenge and had to be present at the 2019 State Fair of West Virginia to have a chance to become the 2019 WV DNR Mountaineer Sportsperson.  Below are the answers to the questions and scores from the challenge.  Scores were tabulated by the WV Natural Resource Police Officers.

The official scores/weights of each animal:

  1. Boone & Crocket Gross Score of Buck Deer     161  2/8
  2. Black Bear Weight in pounds                             305 lbs
  3. Rainbow Trout Weight                                        4 lbs  8 oz
  4. Turkey Beard Length in inches                          11 3/8
  5. Boone & Crocket Gross Score of Elk                 271 1/8

Logan Neace, of Pineville WV, is the “2019 WV DNR Mountaineer Sportsperson”.  All top scorers will be contacted by the WVNRPOA to receive a gift from the association.  A big thank you to all participants and the State Fair of West Virginia Staff for making this inaugural event a success.

Top scorer for each category is listed below:

District One              Alyssa Bolinger       60 points

District Two              Nelson Holliday       56 points

District Three           Kelsi Roberts           55 points

District Four             Logan Neace           73 points

District Five              Mitch Tuggle            61 points

District Six               Jim Greathouse        52 points

Non-Resident          Tyler Gibson             60 points